Series 1 | LAVOIE

Series 1

Supercar engineering meets e-mobility for a new era

The high-performance automotive scooter rewriting the rules of urban mobility



Limited Founders Edition

The first 469 units of the Series 1 will be individually numbered and feature a bespoke plaque created by the iconic design house CALLUM. This limited edition pays tribute to the first electric two-wheel vehicle patented in April 1869. Founders Edition owners will get exclusive access to early product releases, updates, and private events.

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Pioneering performance

Powerful efficiency Feel the exhilaration of dynamic power and next-level efficiency. Series 1 has our own customised motor delivering 500W of power and a peak output of 800W which can reach top speeds of over 40kph. Both speed and power can be limited through our app to comply with your local regulations.

Power you control The Series 1 has three power modes, so you can choose how powerful you want to go to match your journey. Mode 1 is a slower eco option, cruise in the efficient Mode 2, or go full throttle with the ultimate power of Mode 3. Ride modes can be tuned via the Lavoie app.

Rapid Charge

The Lavoie 250W charger works fast, giving a full battery charge in less than 3 hours. The Series 1 comes with two battery versions: the standard has a capacity of 468Wh at 17.5kg*, or the max has a top capacity of 702Wh at 18.5kg*.

*final weights may vary slightly

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